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   Code of Ethics

The members of the GWPCA are devoted to the continued preservation, protection and improvement of the German Wirehaired Pointer. This Code provides guidelines for ethical practices and care, and seeks to promote good sportsmanship.

GWPCA members will maintain complete and accurate records for each dog and litter.

GWPCA members will evaluate any dog or bitch used for breeding, using the criteria set forth by the breed standard. Only those dogs free of recognized genetic defects shall be used in a breeding program. Breeders will be selective with respect to the physical and mental soundness, health, temperament, and natural hunting ability of the dog or bitch.

No puppies or adult dogs shall be bred, sold or consigned to pet shops or other commercial enterprises

Proper care shall be provided for bitch and puppies. Puppies shall be kept until seven weeks of age. All prospective buyers should be carefully screened to assure that puppies have a safe, loving and stimulating home. An honest evaluation of the quality of the puppy will be made. Purchasers are encouraged to spay or neuter all dogs that will not be used for breeding.

New owners will receive the following documentation:
1. Written sales contract or co-ownership agreement
2. Copy of the AKC registration
3. Feeding instructions
4. Medical records
5. Three-generation pedigree
6. Training recommendations
7. Copy of this Code of Ethics

GWPCA members are prepared to assist puppy buyers when questions or problems arise for the life of the dog. New owners are encouraged to become involved in GWPCA activities, regional GWP clubs, dog training, and/or dog performance events.

GWPCA members shall always conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves, their dogs, and the sport of dogs, regardless of location or circumstance.