The inaugural GWPCA Show Maturity was held at the 2011 National Specialty.  The Maturity was conceived as a showcase for many of the same dogs that could have been nominated for the Futurity of the prior year.  In other words, the Maturity is a “grown-up” version of the Futurity.   It will give breeders a chance to further prove that their breeding programs produce sound adult German Wirehaired Pointers, and owners the opportunity to exhibit good dogs. 

A GWP, to be eligible to compete in the Maturity, must have been bred by a GWPCA member (at the time of whelping) and all owners of record must also be GWPCA members

In what year is your dog eligible to compete?

Maturity Year Whelp Dates 
2018 Between 4/1/2016 & 3/31/2017
2019 Between 4/1/2017 & 3/31/2018
2020 Between 4/1/2018 & 3/31/2019

There are two ways to initially nominate a dog for its Maturity:

1)       1) The litter may be nominated for a fee of $15 within 90 days of the whelping date, or a fee of $25 from 90 days up to 6 months from the whelping date.

2)       2) If an eligible litter is not nominated by the breeder within the above time frame, an individual owner(s) may nominate an individual dog for its Maturity for a fee of $20 up to January 1st of its Maturity year.  If an individual owner(s) nominates a dog, that individual becomes the “nominator” and will receive the portion of the win that would normally go to the breeder.

 Once a dog is properly nominated for the Maturity in one of the above ways, an individual re-nomination fee (“forfeit”) of $20 is due by June 30th of the dog’s Maturity year. 

All forfeits and entry monies become the “purse” (minus expenses) and will be divided as follows:  Best Dog in Maturity - 40%; Best Bitch in Maturity – 40%; Grand Maturity Winner – 20%.  Each winner’s share is further divided: 60% to owner/40% to nominator.


    Send Checks payable to:   GWPCA Show Maturity along with completed form to:

Audrey Meinke

933 Bullet Hill Rd

Southbury, CT 06488.

336.463.2322. Cell 860.857.3548