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How Can I Join or Renew My Membership to the GWPCA?

There are two ways to Join the GWPCA.

Pay On-line using CC/Debit or PayPay account by selecting a Membership Type & Add to Cart

 (a $3.00 PayPal convenience fee is included) 

Then come back to this page and Complete an Online Application

GWPCA Membership



Or Simply complete the membership application/renewal form and mail your payment to:

Angie Johnson, 1450 Marker Rd. Polk City, FL 33868

Make Check Payable to GWPCA


   What Does Membership to the GWPCA Entitle me too?

  • A subscription to the GWPCA Breed Magazine Wire~News.

    • Great articles on training, health, grooming and care.

    • Stats, new titles, club infomation.

    • Advertisement, Special Features and More. 

  • Discount on advertisement in the Wire~News

  • E-mail updates in the Wire~Mail

  • Eligible for GWPCA Awards

  • Eligibility to compete in GWPCA Show Futurity & Field Futurity events

  • A vote for officers, directors and other critical issues confronting the GWPCA.

  • A voice in AKC decisions about our breed.

  • Eligible to place a listing on the GWPCA Breeder Listing & Stud Dog Directory

  • The ability to pull resources with other GWP breeders and owners to better the breed in the form of rescue and donations to other causes.

"Why Am I a Member?" Article written for the 2010 Wire~News Fall Edition


   Membership Guidelines

  • Membership dues for renewals are payable by January 1st of each year and they are considered lapse and will be automatically terminated if not paid by March 31st.
  • If Membership is applied for after March 31st please include a $5.00 initiation fee. All memberships received after March 31st will be considered a new member and voted on by the board at the next available meeting.
  • The Board may grant an additional 90 days of grace to such delinquent member in meritorious cases. Contact the board for such circumstances
  • Memberships received in the fourth quarter (October-December) will be applied towards the ensuing (or upcoming) years membership.

New Memberships

  • Please include a $5.00 initiation fee with all new member applications.
  • All new members will be voted on by the board at the next possible meeting.
  • Memberships received in the fourth quarter (October-December) will be applied towards the ensuing (or upcoming) years membership.
  • Wire~News delivery will start once membership has been voted on by the board. Past issues can be purchased please contact Angie Johnson for pricing.


GWPCA Membership Application for Puppy Packets