German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

2013 National Headquarters



**Subject to Change**

Thursday Oct. 3

-GWPCA Supported Entry


-Judges Education

-Welcome Party


Friday Oct. 4

- GWPCA National Specialty
-GWPCA Junior Showmanship
-GWPCA Futurity

-National Obedience


-National Meeting


Saturday Oct. 5

-Regional Specialty
-GWPCA National Sweeps
-GWPCA Maturity




-Annual Awards Banquet


Sunday Oct. 6

-GWPC of Eastern NE Specialty

-GWPC of Easter NE Sweeps




Monday Oct. 7

-Hunt Test (Day One)

-Derby Classic
-Water Test
Tuesday Oct. 8-Conclusion

-Hunt Test (Day Two)

-Natural Amateur Championship

-Puppy Classic

-Field Futurity

-National Championship

Thursday Oct. 10
Heartland NAVHDA NA
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 GWP University

You are invited to attend:
The 6th Annual GWP University 

  Mission Statement

The goal of German Wirehaired Pointer University (GWP U) is to provide continuing educational programs in all areas of GWP interest and in so doing, help carry forth the mission of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America. 
It is GWP U’s hope to preserve our breed’s past and present experiences and legacies and to educate future GWP fanciers in a manner that is on-going and available for years to come. As is true with our dogs, GWP U will be an on going and evolving educational experience, which we hope will grow and mature with time. We would like to thank Joy Brewster for her time and efforts in getting this project off the ground. 
As the years go by, our plans are to share educational materials and work hand in hand with our dedicated breeders for the betterment of our breed. The building and continued progression of the GWP U depends on the support, cooperation and input from everyone. Notwithstanding, pictures, information, suggestions and most of all attendance.  

  What Is GWP U

GWP U is a practical educational concept developed by the Basset Hound Club of America and is being adapted for German Wirehaired Pointers. The University is designed as an on-going school of learning in which courses on owning, breeding, competing and judging GWP’s are available year round. GWP U is dedicated to preserving the past and educating future breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges of the German Wirehaired Pointer. The concept of GWP U is similar to correspondence degree programs, where GWP breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges can take courses and complete them at their own pace at home. These at home materials will be available to you in the not so distant future. BHU was designed to be used as a model for parent clubs of all breeds of dogs. We would like to thank the originators of this concept for allowing other breeds to participate. 

  When, Where, How Much & How

Date: Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

Location: Lancaster Events Center, Nebraska Room

Fee: Payable at the door.

$20 with reservation, Cash or Check made to GWPCA, includes both sessions

$25 withOUT reservation, Cash or Check made to GWPCA, includes both sessions


To Reserve Space: Email Cindy Heiller, GWPu Coordinator at


Session #1

Time: 3 p.m.

Field Introduction Roundtable 


Tracy Nelson, NAVHDA judge

William Bastian, trainer 

Tom Maneely, AKC field rep and field trialer

Moderator: Cindy Heiller


Topics will include:

* Starting your puppy in field training 

* The differences & similarities between Hunt tests, Field trials and NAVHDA tests

* Early introduction to birds

* Gun proofing

* Q&A


Session #2:

Time: 4:30 p.m.

How to Beat the Show Pros


Robert Perry

Laura Reeves, PHA 

Moderator: Cindy Heiller


Topics will include:

* The amateurs' advantages

* Interactive hands on trimming tips 

* Interactive hands on handling tips 

* Training tips from the professionals

(You are encouraged to bring a dog!!!! Lots of Q&A)