German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

2013 National Headquarters



**Subject to Change**

Thursday Oct. 3

-GWPCA Supported Entry


-Judges Education

-Welcome Party


Friday Oct. 4

- GWPCA National Specialty
-GWPCA Junior Showmanship
-GWPCA Futurity

-National Obedience


-National Meeting


Saturday Oct. 5

-Regional Specialty
-GWPCA National Sweeps
-GWPCA Maturity




-Annual Awards Banquet


Sunday Oct. 6

-GWPC of Eastern NE Specialty

-GWPC of Easter NE Sweeps




Monday Oct. 7

-Hunt Test (Day One)

-Derby Classic
-Water Test
Tuesday Oct. 8-Conclusion

-Hunt Test (Day Two)

-Natural Amateur Championship

-Puppy Classic

-Field Futurity

-National Championship

Thursday Oct. 10
Heartland NAVHDA NA
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We are making arrangements to draw blood for OFA thyroid profiles on Sunday, October 6, 2013 after the GWPCEN Specialty and Sweepstakes.  For those interested, this will be a great opportunity to complete a CHIC requirement or screen a dog for immune-mediated thyroid disease.


We will overnight our samples to Michigan State University on Monday, October 7th. A minimum of 10 participants will be necessary to receive a discount. We hope to offer the test for $65-$75. All samples must be mailed in one “batch” with one payment.


If you are interested in having your dog’s thyroid function checked, please contact Robin K Nelson at . We will need to confirm numbers and collect payment prior to arranging for the discounted price. Download and complete the Application for Thyroid Database with your dog’s registered name, number, date of birth, microchip #, etc.


You will need your GWP, your partially completed Thyroid Database application, and a second check for $15 payable to OFA. Come to the designated Thyroid Clinic location at the Lancaster Event Center on Sunday. We will do the rest!


Click Here for Thyroid Application. (Opens In New Window)




**The AKC DNA Clinic will be available at the same time and place as the thyroid clinic.**


DNA registration will be required for GWPS over 2 years of age for the Nationals 2014 field and conformation events.  The AKC fee at National specialties is reduced to $30 rather than the regular $40. Please bring a copy of your AKC registration form and contact Ray Calkins at so we have the kits available and the correct information for your dog!!