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Winter 2012


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Hampton Court - Victor Malzoni Jr.

Chuck Casanova & Robin Nelson


John & Sandy Williams

Willamette GWP- Popescu

Hawk Have Wires - Paduch


Cupola Farms - Courtelis, Johnson, Whitmore

Reece Kennels - Johnson & Cornell

Hampton Court - Victor Malzoni Jr.


Windmill Kennels - Betsy Watkins Jim and Michelle Boyd & Joyce Wilkinson Jim and Michelle Boyd & Jim Witt & Ed Shupp

Gary and Theresa Bonini Dusty GWP's - Cornell

Alexis Cornell Tova Kennels - Wiseman & Angstrom Tova Kennels - Eva Wiseman

Hilltop Farm - Stroh & Myles Hilltop Farm - Stroh & Paduch Purina ProPlan

Claddagh Kennel-William & Courtney Bastian

Wireswest Kennels - Eden
Lynn Sandor

Joe & Carrie Proulx


The Haven Kennel - Heiller/Ely

The Haven Kennel - Heiller/Boyd/Sandor/Eden

Andy & Joan Payton
Inverness Kennels - Myles Inverness Kennels - Myles Inverness Kennels - Myles

Scotia Kennel - Reeves/Eberhardt


Hilde Stapgens

Thunderhill Kennels - Paulus Idawire - Quesnell Idawire - Quesnell
Reece Kennels - Johnson

Dual Shot Kennels - Hawkins

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