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2022 GWPCA National Judge’s Selection – UPDATED Process!

It’s that time of the year. We are starting the process of selecting our 2022 judges for the National and we want your input! Please let us know via e-mail at by September 10, 2019, your three nominations for 2022 National judges ranking from 1-3 (same as when you actually vote for judges). If you prefer to mail these, please mail to: Michelle Boyd, 617 Taylor Street, Greenville, IL 62246. The SEAC (Show Advisory Events Committee) will then narrow this field to no more than 10 for the membership to vote on.

Criteria: A potential GWPCA National judge must be a licensed judge for GWPs (and out of their provisional status for at least five years, if they have not attended a GWPCA breed education seminar) and meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • A documented breeder of GWPs
  • Licensed for the Sporting Group or all pointing breeds, with a minimum of five GWP assignments with entries in the two years prior to being invited to judge
  • Licensed for four or more pointing breeds with significant experience (breeder, handler, documented multiple sweepstakes/futurity assignments, etc.) in a pointing breed and a minimum of three GWP assignments with entries in the two years prior to being invited to judge

*Please remember that judges who have judged the National within the past five years are not eligible to be nominated.
Please send nominations in the following fashion (1 will be your first choice, etc.):
From: (members email address)
Header: 2022 National Judges Nominations
My nominations for the 2022 judges are:
* Your name here*

If there is more than one member of the GWPCA in your household, you will need to send a separate e-mail for each member with their name.

2020: Claire Wisch-Abraham
2017: Paula Nykiel
2014: Steve Hermann
2011: Elliott More

2019: Dana Cline
2016: Michael Faulkner
2013: Joy Brewster
2010: Richard Boyd

2018: Patricia Laurans
2015: Sharon Pinkerton
2012: Gretchen Schultz
2009: Thomas Bradley III

– Michelle Boyd on behalf of the SEAC Committee

At this year’s National, we will introduce the new National Judges Selection Process which was approved by the GWPCA Board for the selection of the 2021 National Specialty Judge. The information is below:
Proposal from the SEAC on National Judges Selection Process:
The SEAC holds the responsibility of ensuring a fair judges selection process for our membership. We have a uniquely challenging situation, as a significant percentage of our membership a) don’t show their dogs b) have no opinion c) don’t vote.
As such, for the last 20 years, various groups have voted in blocks to secure a judge they feel will be more “favorable” to them. This has led to a steady decline in membership confidence in the fairness of the system.
Until approximately 2000, national specialty judges were selected by the local club hosting the national. This process was changed due to a perception of impartiality and lack of membership input.
Our proposal is to appropriate one facet of the GSPCA system — all of the steps we already have plus one. The process would include: 1) nomination of potential judges by the membership 2) voting by the membership to narrow the field to the top five candidates and then adding 3) from the top 5 candidates secure a commitment of availability and place those names in a hat to be drawn at the annual meeting. First name chosen judges the national, second the regional.
This solution fits within the existing parameters of the National Events Manual. The proposal has the complete support of the SEAC.
The SEAC will contact the five candidates to secure a commitment of availability that will be held until after the drawing at the national. If such commitment is not received, additional names will be added in descending order of membership votes until five are available.
The names will be placed in a “hat” or other container at the national and drawn by a neutral volunteer during the annual meeting. I recommend all names be drawn and recorded in the order in which they are drawn. This allows a method for a transparent back-up plan should any judge have become unexpectedly unavailable.
The NEC Coordinator will then contact the judges drawn to notify them of their success and issue contracts.
The membership voting process for the 2021 national judge will be complete in March. It is well within our power to institute this new process beginning at the annual meeting at this year’s national to determine the ’21 judges.
This plan does encourage the NEC to move forward in an expedient manner to establish dates and locations for upcoming nationals further in advance.

GWPCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
There are no minutes for September, October, or December 2018 as meetings were not held

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