Champion/Master Hunters

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GCHB CH Afterhour’s Puttin’ On A Show RN MH TKA VS
GCH CH Double D’s Reece All American Lover Boy At RipTide CD RN MH CAA DCAT CGCA TKN NAI VS
CH Double D’s Starfruit In A Space Suit CD BN RA MH FDC CA BCAT CGCA CGCU TKE VS


GCHB CH Heywire ‘N Highfield Justa Bestseller MH


NFC DC AFC Whitetail’s Antebellum Southern Style MH
GCH CH Dusty R Heywire Blow ‘N Kisses at Reece MH



CH Scotian Independence Day MH
CH Claddagh’s Whiskey Palmer MH UTI

2015 – 2016

VC DC AFC Kimmax Katch Me If U Kan at Claddagh MHA
CH HH Lookout Playing the Field MH UTI
GCH Claddagh’s Fast Stache MH UTI
GCH Claddagh’s Artemis Violet Moon MH UTII

2010 – 2014

CH Whitetail’s Hunters Hill Holly MH
GCH CladdaghNRipsnorter’s Baby Come Back MH UTI
CH CladdaghNRipsnorter’s Back ‘N Badger CGC TD MH NA1
GCH Hawk Haven’s Grand Stand MH
CH Jerelin’s Justa Pat Hand MH
CH Red Barn’s Here to Stay MH
GCH Timo II v Bockenhagen at Kimmax CGC MH VX UTI
GCH Lookout’s Caramel N Heywire America Runs On MH
DC AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras MHA
CH CladdaghNRipsnorters Back To MadTown NAI MH UTII
CH High Power’s Victoria Acesfull CD MH
CH Jay-Mar’s Little Miss Hot to Trot MH
CH RLB’s Got Moxie at Drakkar MH
CH Weidenhugel Oscar V Boeing MH
DC AFC Weidenhugel Kate V Gus MH
GCH Aimn Hi Jet Stream CGC MH
CH Darnell’s All That and More CD MH V
CH Idawire’s Field of Dreams MH
CH Paradox SGR Lady Madonna MH NA NAJ
CH SLH Wynnsome Not a Plain Zane CGC MH
DC AFC Wireswest First Dibs MH

2005 – 2009

CH Heywire N Caramel Time Piece MH
CH Jerelin’s Fly Me to the Moon MH

DC Piemonte Zoie v Chisola MH
CH Southpaw Lefthanded Gunner CGC MH
CH Weidenhugel Kyoko v Victor MH
CH Weidenhugel Xtra Spcl V Bama MH
CH Wildacres Ima Gypsy Dancer MH
DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy von Rahnhaus MH

CH Jay-Mar’s Star Spangled Banner MH
CH JMK Schnellberg Stand N Deliver MH OA VX
CH Scotian Private Reserve MH
CH Txwyr’s Herr Spoetzl MH 
CH Weidenhugel Poppy V Dirk MH VX
CH Weidenhugel Yolo V Einer MH
Haas’ Smooth as Brandi Jake MH
CH Jerelin’s Afternoon Delite MH NA
CH Mason Creek’s High Voltage MH
CH Shadras Judgement Day O Blairsdale MH UTI
CH Weidenhugel Ernst V Einer MH VX
CH Weidenhugel Vixen V Einer MH

CH Whitetail’s Shortcut MH
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