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2020 & 2021 GWPCA National Events

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Show Events – September 30 through October 3, 2021 – Kalamazoo, Michigan
Field Events – October 4 through 10, 2021 – Ionia Recreation Area Field Trial Grounds, Michigan

Events to include:
2020 & 2021 GWPCA National Specialty Show & Sweepstakes
2021 GWPCA Regional Specialty Show
2020 & 2021 GWPCA National Obedience & Rally Trials
Show Futurity, Maturity, & AOH Sweepstakes
2021 GWPCA National Field Championships
Field Futurity
All-Breed Hunt Test
Water Test
All-Star Invitational
Parade of Titleholders, All-Breed Obedience, Annual Meeting, Annual Awards, Auctions & Raffles

Annual Meeting Notice

As per the bylaws, the annual meeting of the Club shall be held in conjunction with the combined National Event. For 2021, the annual meeting will be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Comfort Inn on Saturday, October 2, 2021 during dinner.
Please submit all agenda items to the secretary.

Current Field Statistics

as submitted by Lynn Sandor

GWPCA Dual Futurity Award

The “Dual” Futurity Award recognizes the GWP who places highest in both the show and the field futurity promoting the ideal of form & function.

To date, there have been only three GWPs to win this prestigious award:

2016 – Dual Shot’s Desert Fox “Rowdy”
2015 – CH Scotian red Sparks Fly “Taylor”
2012 – NFC DC AFC Dual Shot’s Flying High MH “Piper”

Legislative Updates:

US Congress :
Breeder mandates bill introduced in Senate would make changes to federal animal welfare act.
To mandate arbitrary new requirements for many breeders. Requirements include but not
limited to, indoor space sufficient to allow tallest dog to stand on hind legs without touching
roof of enclosure. Outside exercise area large enough to allow dog to extend to full stride. this
is one that you need to go to the government relations department on AKC.Org to read all
the details some of it’s pretty amazing and crazy. Your member of Congress needs to hear
from you. As you know very few of them know anything about dogs.

South Carolina: Bills Impacting Dog Trainers, Sportsmen, and Police K9s

TX: San Antonio city council to consider limits to
breeding & sellers permits & restrict pet stores to sourcing from rescues & shelters.
Next TX licensed breeders advisory committee Nov 30

GA: Barrow Co commissioner s consider designating 12-15 breeds as dangerous. Activists
discuss additional owner/ breeder restrictions.

Become an educated voter – identify and support those candidates who respect your rights as a responsible dog owner.

For more suggestions – visit the Legislation News & Updates page here!

A Message from the GWPCA Board of Directors – 6/28/2020

Letter to the AKC on behalf of the GWPCA

2020 GWPCA National Update – 6/26/2020

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