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2020 & 2021 GWPCA National Events

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Show EventsSchedule subject to Change

September 30 – October 3, 2021                   Kalamazoo, Michigan

2020 GWPCA National Specialty Show – Judge: Claire Wisch-Abraham
2020 GWPCA National Sweepstakes – Judge: TBA (classes will be adjusted by age)
2021 GWPCA National Specialty Show – Judge: Jeffrey Pepper
2021 GWPCA National Sweepstakes – Judge: Barbara Madrigrano
2020 & 2021 Futurity – Judges: TBA
2020 & 2021 Maturity – Judges: TBA
2021 AOH Sweepstakes – Judge: TBA
2021 GWPCA Regional Specialty Show – Judge: Betty-Ann Stenmark
2020/2021 GWPCA Obedience & Rally Trials – Judge: Loretta Lazzara
Fort Detroit GWP Club Specialty Show & Sweepstakes
Other events to include: Parade of Titleholders, All-Star Invitational, All-Breed Obedience (3 days), Annual Meeting, DNA Collection, 2020 & 2021 Annual Awards, Auctions & Raffles

Field EventsSchedule subject to Change

October 4 – 10, 2021             Ionia Recreation Area Field Trial Grounds, Michigan

2020 GWPCA Field Futurity – Judges: TBA
2021 National Field Championships – Judges: TBA
All-Breed Hunt Test – Judges: TBA
Water Test


Hotel and Event Center – Comfort Inn, Plainwell, MI. 
           622 W Allegan St, Plainwell, MI  269-685-9891.
           Telephone reservations only. Group Code: German Wirehaired Pointer
Pet Fee waived, Group Rate for Standard room – $115 & $125; Deluxe room – $125 & $145
Show Site – Kalamazoo Kennel Club Training Facility. 
1249 W D Ave., Kalamazoo, MI
Field Site – Ionia Recreation Area Field Trail Grounds.*
*State park usage permit required, out of state $9/day or $34/annual

Committee Chairs & Coordinators

GWPCA 2020/2021/Fort Detroit Show Chair – Lori Sargent
All-Breed Obedience – Kay Braddock
2020/2021 GWPCA Obedience and Rally – Kay Braddock
Trophies and Ribbons – Betsy Reifschneider
Hospitality – Gabrielle Literman, Pam & Roger Doyle
Merchandise – Kristin Wehking
Hunt Test – Chair, Thomas Jarnich, Secretary – Beth Schmidt
Field Trial Chair – Mike Braddock, Secretary – TBD
Futurity – Laura Myles
Maturity – Jennifer Jacobs
Field Futurity – Tom Lococo
NEC – Lisa Kreuser

THANK YOU to the below sponsor and donors for making the GWPCA National Events a success!

A Message from the GWPCA Board of Directors – 6/28/2020

Dear GWPCA members,

As a board, we realize that we did not communicate the reasons and the input we received about canceling nationals well. This was a difficult, stressful decision and we wanted to let the membership know quickly. We apologize for the poor communication.

The board of GWPCA made the decision to cancel Nationals based on the best information available, keeping the safety of the membership and others paramount.

We received information on the show restrictions and requirements from the committees.  This information included limited entries for that weekend, GWPs (or any breed) cannot have preferred entries or early notifications,  masks would be required inside at all times, and spectators might not be allowed.  Our timing partially reflects that Cornhusker KC meeting on July 8th.  We wanted to let them know our status and not have them expecting our entries if we would not be there.

Other concerns about the show included that COVID 19 precluded GWP community gatherings. Meals would be on one’s own or a boxed  pick-up-and-go meal.  There would be no general meeting, no awards banquet, no group lunches, or time spent together.  While individuals might choose to spend time together, the GWPCA could not hold these meetings and risk a lawsuit if anyone fell ill or died.   There is no insurance liability that covers these issues.  The raffles and auctions would be limited, with only a few in the room at one time.   If the show was cancelled at the last minute, the loss of revenue to counter expenses would be devastating for our club.  

And finally , there is COVID 19.  We’ve all read about this pandemic and know the issue isn’t one person being or falling ill, but rather that person infecting dozens more.  The health of the membership and their families was always on our mind.

We do want the membership to know that their GWPCA and other parent clubs are petitioning AKC to allow the 2020 nationals to take place in 2021, with the 2021 Nationals  to take place as planned.   This is a new joint effort  from the many parent clubs that had to cancel this year’s nationals – even Morris and Essex rescheduled to 2021.  Our petition will include both the Show and Field events.

We will keep you updated on the status of the AKC petition

The GWPCA Board

Letter to the AKC Board of Directors-

To:  AKC Board of Directors 

From: The German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

Our sport is most certainly going through trying times due to the impact of Covid-19. While the vast majority of canceled shows were simply lost forever, AKC Staff and Board saw the wisdom in allowing clubs to postpone their events – should they so desire.

Covid-19 has also caused many Parent Club National Specialties to be canceled, including the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America 2020 National Specialty.

Losing a National Specialty is a devastating blow to a Parent Club. As you know, the National Specialty is a unique experience each year that allows everyone in the breed to come together, share their learning and, most importantly, the opportunity to see, evaluate and compete against dogs from all over the country. It is a critically important part of the history of the breed.

Given its overarching importance, the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America respectfully asks for permission to postpone its 2020 National Specialty until a suitable date in 2021. Of course, the 2021 National Specialty would be presented at its already announced date.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. The membership and friends of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America eagerly look forward to your positive response.

Stay Healthy and Safe.

Pat Laurans, Delegate

On behalf of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America

2020 GWPCA National Events Update – 6/26/2020

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America Board of Directors would like to inform the membership that we have made the difficult decision to cancel our much anticipated 2020 National Show and Field Events.

After much discussion, both for and against, we have regretfully concluded that it simply not feasible to host our Nationals during these difficult and unsafe times.

Given the challenges travel, both air and driving alike have, the constraints of social distancing, limits on group numbers, not to mention the fact that the show could be cancelled at the last minute by state officials or the Cornhusker Kennel Club itself, and of course the risk to our judges and exhibitors alike, we feel this is the best decision on many levels.

While there was no easy answer, we also took into consideration the fact that the Cornhusker KC also has limited the number of entries to 900 dogs on the days of our Regional and Supported Specialties and will offer no guarantee of entry for our breed on these days. The day of the National specialty would be the only day that entries are guaranteed. We also considered that there would be the likelihood of no spectators being allowed ringside.

More information on how we will handle age related classes and futurities will be following shortly. 

Thank you for understanding what a difficult decision this was for the Board.


Thank you to these generous donors for supporting the 2019 GWPCA National!

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