The Wire~News is a quarterly magazine published by the GWPCA and distributed to members across the globe. Each issue highlights special features, upcoming and past events, current breed standings and statistics, as well as articles pertaining to all things GWP!

The Wire~News editors can be reached at gwpwirenews@gmail.com for any questions regarding content and advertisements – help support your favorite GWP publication!

What People Say

I personally love the GWPCA Wire~News because it keeps me connected and up to speed with others that share my love for the breed. Whether it be from accomplishments, health concerns, breeding announcements, as well as events. It connects me with knowledgeable folks experienced in the breed to grow my own knowledge.

Wade Lariviere
GWPCA Member

There are lots of reasons to like – and advertise in – the Wire~News…For we who are not great groomers, the pictures provide an outline of how a dog should look and the motivation to keep them that way!

Steve Finkel
GWPCA Member

The Wire~News helps keep me in touch with what’s going on in the club and the breed. Event results, and statistics, articles on health, grooming, training and more! Supporting the Wire~News is supporting education within the club.

Taylor Hickman
GWPCA Member

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