Dual Champions and Champions/Amateur Field Champions

Dual Champions are dogs who hold both the Field Champion (FC) and Champion (CH) titles. These dogs have proven themselves in both the field and the show ring, embodying form and function in our breed. Congratulations to the breeders, owners, and handlers of these dogs for achieving this coveted title.

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DC Ghostwind Idawire Now I’ve Dunnit

DC AFC Whitetail’s The Last Frontier MH
NFC DC Whitetail’s Antebellum Southern Style MH
DC AFC Weidenhugel Kate V Gus MH
DC Wildwings Shameless
DC AFC Wireswest First Dibs MH
DC Sure Shot’s Sonora Gone Heywire
NAFC DC AFC Cascade Tumalo Tess
DC Nyramskov’s H. Hector VX
DC Griffiths Willy Be Mine?
DC Backwoods Keystone Holy Moses
DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy von Rahnhaus
AFC CH Walnub Berg’s Upland Thunder MH
DC AFC Sure Shot’s Wide Open Spaces
BIS DC AFC Jetset’s Ragtop Day at Scotia JH
DC AFC Jay-Mar’s Cina Runaway Train MH
DC AFC Bounty’s Justa Pegleg Pete
DC AFC Soo Line’s Allied Freighter
DC AFC Wildwing’s Party Girl JH
NAFC DC AFC Cascade Ike MH
DC AFC Dunkee’s Justa Hole n One MH CD UT
AFC CH Marsu’s Jay-Mar’s Katie MH
DC SGR Silent Running
DC AFC Fredrich’s Vogel Jaeger
DC Marsu’s Sierra Cass
DC Flintlock’s Not Too Shabby
DC AFC Miss Keli’s Anabelle
DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH
DC Haar Baron’s Shean
DC Haar Baron’s Gretchen
DC Haar Baron’s Tina CD
DC Strauss’s Melodie
DC AFC Weidenhugel Quinn v Teddy JH
NFC DC AFC Dual Shot’s Flying High MH
VC DC AFC Kimmax Katch Me If U Kan at Claddagh MHA
DC AFC Dual Shot’s Behind Bars UT
DC AFC Cascade Double Barrel
DC AFC Proulx’s Wireswest Big Jake
NAFC DC AFC GCH Ariels Justa Gotta Go Now
DC Schnellbergs Double Down SH
DC AFC Tumalo Joe
DC Piemonte Zoie V Chisola MH
DC RLB’s Milo Kid
DC Jay-Mar’s Tzar’s Wicked Mistress
DC Piemonte Elena V Chisola
DC NFC Backwood’s Sure Shot Marley
DC Von Duffin’s RKLD Cappuccino
DC AFC NFC Sure Shot’s Hot Rocks MH
DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express
DC AFC TNT’s Hot Rod Todd
DC Cadenberg Victor V Trey MH
DC Uodibar’s Fanny Paltani
DC AFC Dunkee’s Justa Top Flite MH
DC NFC AFC Schnellberg’s Gretta MH
DC AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue
DC AFC Sure Shot’s Point Blank MH CD
DC AFC Cadenberg Bacchanale V Lutz
AFC CH Fritz V Schnellberg II
DC AFC Norwest’s Griff Von Dem Feld CD
DC AFC Imp Von Pommoregon
DC Woten Zur Wolfschlucht CD
DC Herr Schmardt’s Boy Yancey
DC Haar Baron’s Hans
DC Haar Baron’s Gremlin
DC Idawire King Ralph
DC AFC RLB Schnellberg’s Criminal Intent
DC Jay-Mar’s How Do You Like Me Now JH
NFC NAFC DC AFC Tumalo Teddy
DC Jonnee Blue MH
DC AFC Wireswest Mardi Gras MHA
DC Schnellbergs Freedom Reigns
DC RLB Tigger De Ville SH
DC AFC Showdowns Peacemaker
DC St. Croix’s Diamond Jim
DC AFC Cadenberg Wicked One V Ike MH OA OAJ
DC Steensview Cascade Buckaroo
DC Backwoods Penny Lane
DC AFC NFC Rudolph’s Blitzen Von Duffin
DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund
AFC CH Bounty’s Justa Margarita
DC AFC Sure Shot’s Justa Miss Marker JH
DC SGR Dirty Laundry
DC Jay-Mar’s Blake’s Windczar SH
AFC CH Justa Tequila Sunset
DC AFC Schnellberg’s Annie
DC Uodibar’s Bush Man
DC Flintlock’s Medicine Man
DC AFC Fredrich’s Rosy Bear
DC AFC Walker’s Blue Movie
DC AFC Bit of Sigurd
DC AFC Graf Browser
DC AFC Lutz Zur Cadenberg CD TD
DC AFC Loki Zur Wolfschlucht
DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg CDX
DC Quandu V D Elbmarsch

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