Join the GWPCA Today!

There are two ways to pay for your GWPCA membership: online with a credit/debit card or PayPal account OR mail a completed membership application to Angie Johnson, 1450 Marker Road, Polk City, Florida 33868. Please make checks payable to GWPCA, all online transactions include a $3.00 convenience fee.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to renew or apply for your membership.

What does a membership to the GWPCA entitle me to?

  • A subscription to the GWPCA Breed Magazine, The Wire~News.
    • Great articles on training, health, grooming and care.
    • Stats, new titles, club information.
    • Advertisements, special features and more.
  • Discount on advertisements in the Wire~News.
  • E-mail updates in the Wire~Mail.
  • Eligible for GWPCA Awards.
  • Eligibility to compete in GWPCA Show Futurity & Field Futurity events.
  • A vote for officers, directors and other critical issues confronting the GWPCA.
  • A voice in AKC decisions about our breed.
  • Eligible to place a listing on the GWPCA Breeder Listing & Stud Dog Directory.
  • The ability to pull resources with other GWP breeders and owners to better the breed in the form of rescue and donations to other causes.

GWPCA Membership Rates

  • Single Membership (US) – $48.00
  • Family Membership (US) – $53.00
  • Single Membership (Canada) – $53.00
  • Family Membership (Canada) – $58.00
  • Single Membership (other foreign) – $63.00
  • Family Membership (other foreign) – $68.00
  • NEW member fee – $5.00
  • Breeder Listing – $53.00
  • Stud Dog Directory Listing – $18.00

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